Picturing a lifetime

”When you grow up and live in a beautiful place, how can you not try and capture it at its finest and present it to others?” 

 Right after father and husband, Allan describes himself as a photographer. “It’s far more than a profession or hobby or even a craft. Photography is a way of seeing the world every single day. I am compelled by some lifelong urge to create images of the beauty that is all around us”. 

While still a young boy, Allan was taught photography by his father. “He had a classic Rollieflex film camera that I was dying to try but he made me sit down and learn about the camera and about photography before I clicked the shutter for the first time.”

He has never stopped. Since those lessons some 45 years ago he has been a photographer. 

Allan believes that we all love the beauty of nature and that here in the Ottawa Valley we are blessed with lovely places. His greatest joy is showing people what he and the others who brave the hours around dawn already know. 

 That our own backyard and neighbourhood are truly beautiful.

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