IPhones Course in September

We are planning another iPhone course soon.  Early in September is the likely timeframe.  Drop us an email if you are interested and have possible dates in mind.   

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Great Fun With iPhones 

Our July 15th course was a great success!  Everyone had a great time and the combination of learning composition and camera controls really jumpstarted everyone's interest.  It's amazing how the phone lets people who "always wanted to learn photography" fire up their enthusiasm and finally give it a try.  The results are almost instant so you can learn and get the rewards of your new skills in a way that was never possible before!

We already have some requests from friends of this past course's participants so we are offereing a course on Sunday July 30th.  Click the HERE to reserve your space for IPHO 101.  

iPhone capture in February at Big Sur in California

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Master your iPhone Photography    January  2018 

The iPhone has become one of the most amazing little cameras money can buy. With a bit of training they are capable of taking images that rival the look of the best DSLR cameras in the world. 

 Join professional iPhone photographer Allan Joyner for a day long introduction to producing professional quality images with your iPhone camera. From 9AM until 4PM in and around Carp Ontario. Learn the basics of composition, how to master all the image controls on your iPhone camera and get an introduction to free photo apps that with simple adjustments will take your images to the next level. We also cover how to back up your images so you can keep shooting with confidence on your iPhone. 

 $100 per person for the session and all required materials. Bring your iPhone with lots of space for photos! 

 Captured on an iPhone in June 2017 by Allan Joyner 

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