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These Long Days 

The longest day of the year is just a couple of weeks away.  We are already seeing the effect of the length of the days on the light in the morning and evening.  Both dawn and dusk take longer to unfold than they do on those short winter days.  Not many of us are dedicated enough to be out there at 4:45 am waiting for the sun to light up the dawn but its worth the effort!  In the evenings, the sunset drags out over an hour and with the dust and atmospherics in warm weather, the sunsets can be spectacular.  Don't waste this season!  Get out there and shoot. 

Dawn at Killarney Lodge on Lake of Two Rivers in Algonquin Park

Allan Joyner Photography

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Maybe I'm a perfectionist but it's really important that each and every one of my clients or students is satisfied with the end result. After receiving the photosor completing a day of training, I want everyone to be able to say: "Yes, that's exactly what I wanted". 

I really value your opinion, that's why I ask all the people with whom I've had the fortune to work, to leave a feedback note. Thanks in advance!