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Capturing Winter's Whites 

Your digital camera is capable of capturing stunning pictures of winter! It's probably the most challenging season in which to shoot. The light is often stunning and capturing the many shades of white and gray is the key.   You just need to understand your camera to make it all happen. Saturday, February 4th at 9:00 AM you can learn to master your camera's controls in our introduction to digital photography, Digital Photography 101. If you have one of our gift certificates or want to purchase one of the limited spaces in the day of instruction, sign up on our training_products page! /training_products

Allan Joyner Photography

Questions or comments?

Maybe I'm a perfectionist but it's really important that each and every one of my clients or students is satisfied with the end result. After receiving the photosor completing a day of training, I want everyone to be able to say: "Yes, that's exactly what I wanted". 

I really value your opinion, that's why I ask all the people with whom I've had the fortune to work, to leave a feedback note. Thanks in advance!